Behind the Cannery – Western Brave and Western Ranger

Western Ranger
Western Brave

Submitted by Heritage Interpreter Pam D.

Spotted behind the Cannery a few weeks apart, the Western Brave and the Western Ranger have more in common than their similar names. The Western Ranger and the Western Brave were both built in Richmond by Shore Boat Builders Ltd in 1977 and 1979, respectively. Both vessels are purse seiners, ideal for catching schools of fish swimming near the surface, such as salmon and herring — two fish which we feature in our permanent exhibits (the Salmon Canning Line and Herring Reduction Plant) here at the Cannery!

Do you notice the crow’s nest sitting on top of the masts of both vessels? These are used as a lookout to assist fishermen when searching for schools of fish to encircle with the seine net. Just behind the crow’s nest on the Western Ranger, you can see also see Canfisco’s trademark red and white striped flag billowing in the wind.

Posted by m.horita
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