The final product - canned salmon - on the canning line at Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site.

Welcome to the Board Member reference site. Please find below essential documents relating to the governance of the Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society. For further information, contact Executive Director, Stephanie Halapija at 604-664-9192 or email

Constitution and By-Laws 2017

Director’s Manual – 2016

Board Member Job Description



Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Audience Engagement Plan


Committee Terms of Reference

Executive Committee TOR_2016

Finance Committee TOR_2016

Maintenance Committee TOR_2014

Audience Engagement Committee TOR 2016

Collections Committee TOR_2016


Society Policies

Human Resource Policies 2014

Respectful Workplace Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

Free Admissions Policy

Collections Policies and Procedures 2010


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