Canadian landscapes by local artist Duane Murrin

Submitted by Heritage Interpreter, Larissa F.

Vibrant colours, simple curves, and bold landscapes – these are the words that come to mind when looking at Duane Murrin’s works of art.

Duane Murrin is a mainly self-taught artist residing on the West Coast of Canada. He has a background in music composition and is always intrigued by how similar musical and artistic theories are. After working in graphic design for many years, he started doing landscape painting. Murrin draws his inspiration from artists such as the Group of Seven and from styles like Art Nouveau.

In addition, as a resident of the West Coast, Murrin finds that his surroundings provide him with a constant source of inspiration. This environmental stimulation is evident in his works, which beautifully depict landscapes that are characteristic of this part of the country. Using bright colours and simple lines, he is able to capture the quintessence of what makes this place such a stunning part of the world.

At the Cannery Store, you will find a fine selection of Murrin’s art. They come in a variety of items, ranging from coasters and wall plaques to candle holders and light boxes. If you’d like to bring home a little piece of the West Coast with you, one of Murrin’s works are sure to please! They are the perfect West Coast touch for any home! You can find out more about Duane Murrin’s art on his website:

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