Cannery Store Feature: 12 Days of Baubles

During a conversational lull between now and Christmas Day, all you need to do is bring up the topic of tree trimming to spark the liveliest discussion of the year. Questions big (real or fake?) and small (candy canes: will the cat eat them again?) prompt heated debates. There’s the date of decoration – ideally sometime between November 1st and Christmas Eve. Most importantly, there are the trimmings.

Straight from the North Pole via Steveston, the Cannery store has a wonderful selection of ornaments for every style. To help you navigate the fine art of tree decor, we bring you our ultimate guide: The 12 Days of Baubles. Check in with us daily for our featured ornament – there’s something for everyone, hipsters included.

On the first day, we naturally begin with a bird. Decked out in shimmery metallic, eye-catching beads and glittery feathers, this is not your average partridge. The Fancy Bird by Ganz is worthy of any pear tree and retails for $7.99 at the Cannery store.

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