Cannery Store Feature: 50% Off Framed Salmon Can Label Prints

One can learn significant details about Canadian history from the design of a salmon can label. The BC coast’s salmon can label designs over the past century were mainly geared toward their overseas market so iconic images of British Columbia and Canada were used. As there was not much difference in content from one can of salmon to another, selling the product became about the packaging. Over the past century, the label designs reflect their social contexts , much like a cereal box may illustrate today’s famous NHL stars. In a similar vein, the can labels over the past century have highlighted what was important to the consumer.

The Gulf of Georgia Cannery has collected an array of original labels representing over a century of designs. A select few have been replicated and made into framed prints, mugs and t-shirts available in the Cannery Store. The framed prints consist of labels from the 1930s to the 1950s, but there are a few prints from the turn of the century. Presently, the framed salmon can label prints are selling at a 50% off their regular price; get them while supplies last.

We are carrying prints of the following brands: Victory Brand, Searchlight Brand, Ally brand, Fraser River Brand, and My Choice Brand.

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