Cannery Store Feature: A Patio Necessity


Are you counting down the hours until the long weekend yet?¬†By now, you’re probably focused¬†on that one picture in your mind that symbolizes all the relaxing delights to come on the first warm long weekend of the year. If¬†clouds¬†and¬†a traffic jam¬†leap to mind instead, let me guide you in a little creative visualisation…

Picture this: A balmy, sun-drenched afternoon on a patio. A chaise lounge with pillows that actually stay in place. An iced beverage and your reading material of choice perched atop a rustic Buckstone fish table. To top it all off, the charming little table folds with the greatest of ease to enable your sun/shade-seeking relocations. Bliss!

Buckstone fish tables are available in assorted colours and retail at $34.95 at the Cannery Store.

Posted by websitedev
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