Cannery Store Feature: Easter Lambs


As of 5pm today (give or take a few hours), Easter weekend will be officially upon us! Time to pick up an egg decorating kit, dust off those deck chairs…and realize you’re not even remotely prepared for Sunday morning. Whoops. In between mad missions to procure jelly beans and chocolate treats, consider the joy of giving and giving back a little this weekend with a Wild Republic plush lamb.

This wide-eyed, cuddly charmer will delight as the centrepiece of a carefully crafted Easter basket. Proceeds from the sale of each critter help support foundations for disadvantaged children and abandoned animals, proving that they’re as warm and fuzzy on the inside as the outside. Bonus: their sugar-free composition will help to keep the dental bill in check!

Wild Watchers’ lambs retail for $9.50 each at the Cannery Store.

Posted by websitedev
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