Cannery Store Feature: Fingerless Gloves

fingerlessgloves-compressedAh, January – as a month, it’s really what you make of it. Whether it’s a time of hibernation or avid gym-going, everyone seems to develop a way to improve it and, most importantly, make it go by quickly. After years of trial and triumph, I too have stumbled on my own tonic for the dark days: a little self indulgence. Bear with me – it’s not the kind that makes your credit card tremble.

What I’m talking about is injecting a little glamour into your everyday routine. Take Giftcraft’s elegant Fingerless Gloves, for example. With these warming your paws, you can access the dark depths of your purse or send a quick text without having to remove and risk forgetting them (admit it – you’ve nearly lost gloves this way before). Their eye-catching studs and shimmer will sparkle in those rare and delightful rays of winter sun and display a manicure to its fullest advantage.

Best of all? They’re available in assorted colours for only $9.95 at the Cannery Store.

Posted by websitedev
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