Cannery Store Feature: Ganz’s Jingle & Sparkle Wreath Holders

Ah, the holidays – a time when there is so much coming and going that your home could give the airport a run for its money. The front door seems to swing open by itself, blowing Arctic chills and in-laws into the kitchen unannounced, usually just as you’re putting the finishing touches on the festive feast!

This year, it’s time for a plan – no more being caught by surprise at a crucial stage of crème brulée-ing. Ganz’s Jingle & Sparkle Wreath Holders in red and green are just the thing for your front door. Simply hook one over the top of the door, hang your wreath of choice on it and let the bells work their magic. It’s more charming than a doorbell, more subtle than a lock.

As you smugly survey your sparkling workspace with an apéritif in hand, remember – “all that glitters is good”.

Ganz Jingle & Sparkle Wreath Holders retail for $10.95 and, if you’re truly inspired, why not try Gourmet du Village’s Crème Brulée Mix – only $4.25 at the Cannery Store.

Posted by websitedev
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