Cannery Store Feature: Hands Off! Luggage Tags

compressedluggaetagsI’ve just returned from a trip abroad, which was officially deemed a success the moment I was reunited with my luggage on home ground. I had made my connections and enjoyed a smooth flight, but the outcome of a whole excursion always seems to hang in the balance in those last few minutes as I wait for my suitcase to emerge.

It’s a red one, so in theory it’s easy to spot. Five unfamiliar crimson cases passed by me. Just as I thought I’d glimpsed it, it was hauled off the carousel and onto a stranger’s overflowing cart. Convinced they had made a mistake, I attempted (twice!) to walk by casually to catch a glimpse of the tag, but no such luck. By the time my actual suitcase made its grand entrance, I was feeling decidedly un-Zen.

How to avoid this predicament in future? Attach a hilarious Hands Off! Motivational Luggage Tag to your case and let the tag speak for itself. The message comes across loud and clear with slogans such as “I’m not your bag”, “Don’t make me chase you!” and, my favourite, “You won’t look good in my clothes!”

Hands Off! Motivational Luggage Tags retail for $2.99 and are available in assorted colours and slogans.

Posted by websitedev
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