Cannery Store Feature: John M. Horton, Marine Artist

John M. Horton works at the Cannery store. Photo credit: Amy Rampfl

One of Canada’s most recognized marine artists, John M. Horton is best known for his historical paintings of maritime vessels and coastal seascapes. Horton started his artistic career at a young age in art schools in England, where he was born. Later, his service in the Pacific Navy inspired his works, which would then turn into a lifelong dedication to depicting maritime history. In 1966, Horton moved his young family to Vancouver, where he furthered both his artistic and his marine architectural careers.

Most well-known for his depiction of Captain George Vancouver’s famous West Coast expedition, Horton has exhibited numerous times and has been recognized for his achievements by museums and galleries worldwide, including the BC Maritime Museum, The Navy in Ottawa, and the Royal Society of Marine Artists. In 2002, the Canadian Government invited Horton to record the nation’s navy in action against terrorism in the Arabian Gulf, from which 6 paintings were created and then donated to Canada.

The Gulf of Georgia Cannery is selling John M. Horton prints in two formats, as well as books about his work. Stop by the Cannery today and take a closer look at the artistic skill and attention to detail exhibited in Horton’s works.

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