Cannery Store Feature: Life Links Survival Keychains


Now that winter is officially over (yay!), it’s time to turn our thoughts to planning adventures for the months ahead. As the great outdoors warm up, hiking day trips and weekend camping excursions will once again resume their rightful place in the social calendars of many. To help prepare you for the upcoming season, the Cannery Store introduces Life Links Survival Keychain by Giftcraft.

Whether you’re out and about on wheels or feet, you just never know when you’ll find yourself in a pinch where you would gladly give something precious for a piece of rope.  A brightly coloured Survival Keychain will not only help you find your keys in the dark depths of your bag but can also unravel into a handy 6.25 foot rope, should the occasion call for it.

Not the outdoorsy type? Me neither. Let me tell you about the time one of my well-worn flip flops gave out on a walking tour of Seattle… actually no, I’ll spare you the blisters. Just imagine how timely a little binding material would have been – not to mention the fun fashion statement that could have resulted!

Life Links Survival Keychains are available in assorted colours and retail for $4.95 at the Cannery Store. If you‘re feeling inspired, visit the Cannery to try your hand at our Spring Break knot making activities!

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