Cannery Store Feature: Magnets of the Sea

The first time these little magnets came into the Cannery Store, we were all immediately drawn to them. They sparkle! (What can I say, I am drawn to shiny things. There aren’t many people I know who don’t have a soft spot in their hearts for a little sparkle. Hey…this could be a good valentines gift idea! I digress). They are stunning! Painted with a  metallic based paint, they come in a variety of colours. Each magnet is a cast replica made from a  real sea creature – starfish, sand dollars, sea shells, and more. Although, no sea life was harmed during the casting process, the detail captured in the replicas is remarkable. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and strong earth magnets are embedded in their backs. These highly detailed hand-casted magnets are locally made by a Saltspring Island company Twin-Key Decorative Casting. Swing by and check them out!

Why beachcomb when you can have a Twin-Key?

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