Cannery Store Feature: Newfoundland Chocolate Company

Newfoundland Chocolate Company 002-compressed

Easter is coming up– can you believe it? Winter has flown by and now grocery stores are advising us to hop to it and give the Easter Bunny a hand. At the ripe old age of – wait, I’m not telling – I have finally conceded that I’m just a bit too old to expect a visit from the floppy-eared one. Naturally, this means treating myself to a little chocolatey goodness.

Conveniently, the gourmet delights of the Newfoundland Chocolate Company have just arrived. Their chocolate bars have the foodie sophistication of an adult indulgence, the charming wrapping of Jelly Bean Row and the flavour to knock anyone’s socks off.

Milk chocolate lovers will melt at the thought of the Extra Smooth, Island Almond, Milk Orange and Wildberry Bars, while cocoa connoisseurs will revel in the richness of 54% and 70% Dark Bars. A Low Sugar Bar is also available in both milk and dark chocolate.

My pick is the Vitality Bar: the combination of blueberry, chia and cacao nibs in 73% dark chocolate kept me hopping all day -pun intended. The Chocolate Beach Pebbles are made for sneaky snacking, while the Gourmet Shavings in white or dark chocolate are guaranteed to please your dessert diva!

Newfoundland Chocolate Company products are available exclusively at the Cannery Store from $3.95.

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