Cannery Store Feature: Retro Games


Family Day has come and gone for 2013 and, if the many adventure-seeking families at the Cannery were a good indication, it was a success. Just like that other well-known holiday in February, it’s important to keep its sentiment in mind year-round. Fortunately, we have just the thing to make you clear your schedule and turn your phone (ok, ringer) off for a little quality fun.

Beat the winter blues and TV blahs with a Retro Range board game, suitable for all ages and most maturity levels. A rainy afternoon of Magnetic Fishing will get everyone in shape for the real thing this summer and is most appropriately followed by a heated round of Flipping Fishes. Pans at the ready!

Spark some fierce competition over a game of Chopsticks or sharpen your strategic skills with Chinese Checkers. If you need a little breather from the proverbial playing field, regroup with a Knitting Doll – unless of course you’re using vintage Theatre Glasses to spy on the competition’s tactics. We saw nothing.

Retro Range games start at $7.95 at the Cannery Store.

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