Cannery Store Feature: Santa’s Pants

Every holiday season, there comes a time when¬†you¬† run out of fabulous, creative and personal gift ideas, and resort to buying a bottle of wine instead! Wine is a great gift, though. We’ve all been there, those times when all¬†you want to¬†do is curl up in¬†front of a¬†warm fire, with a nice glass of Chateau-de-something-or-other! ¬†So why not share this kind of¬†comfort and cheer with friends and family?


To make it especially original,¬†dress¬†up that tipple of choice with one of the jolly bottle carrying ensembles found at the Cannery Store: Santa’s¬†jacket¬†or¬†Santa’s pants.¬†To keep¬†that red wine¬†at room temperature (no mean feat in these chilly times), simply snuggle it up in a festive Giftcraft¬†Santa Outfit! Having a hard time deciding¬†between two¬†vintages to get for that special connoisseur? Get both, and tuck them into the Giftcraft’s Santa’s Pants – this one carries two!
Santa Jackets retail at $14.99 and Santa Pants at $19.00 in the Cannery Store.

Today’s post was submitted by¬†interpreter Annika¬†Penner.¬†

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