Cannery Store Feature: Seaside Basketry

Seaside Basketry, photo by Amy Rampfl.

New to the Cannery store are these beautifully hand-crafted woven baskets. What makes them unique is the unconventional material they are made from. The artist, Patty Dowler of Sooke, B.C., uses bull kelp, a seaweed that is commonly found on our coast. One can often see their bobbing heads in clusters breaking the surface of our coastal waters. After the kelp washes ashore, they are dried and naturally bleached by the sun. Dowler then collects the remnants, soaks them for malleability and then weaves them into these organic shapes. Once baskets are dry, each one becomes a unique work of art.

The baskets range in price between $12.00 to $40.00 each.

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