Cannery Store Feature: Tina Matthews’ Sparkly Steveston Christmas Cards

Steveston Christmas trolley 2012 Christmas, Steveston, BC. Copyright 2012

You know the festive season has officially begun when checking your mailbox becomes an event instead of a chore. Envelopes with foreign stamps trickle in, their contents bearing the news of friends and relatives who only correspond once a year – or with whom you Skyped last Saturday.
When planning your card list, look no further than Tina Matthews’ new Christmas card series featuring Steveston’s finest landmarks all jazzed up for the holidays. Send a Christmas Trolley with individual jewelled lights to your friend in New Zealand or a twinkly London Farm to your cousin in Japan.
Warning: these cards are guaranteed to tug at heartstrings, so get your spare bedroom ready for visitors next year!
The series also includes Steveston Museum, Minoru Chapel, McKinney House, Heringer’s Clock and the Gulf of Georgia Cannery cards, which retail for $4.95 at the Cannery Store.

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