Cannery Store Feature: Vintage Glamour


A leisurely walk around Steveston, rain or shine, is sure to reveal that this village has seriously fabulous shops. There’s nothing like finding a one of a kind treasure or twelve after a delightful morning of window shopping. Problem – you left your reusable shopping bag at home because in theory you only came for coffee.

Cue Firefly Notes’ gorgeous cotton totes to the rescue. Designed and handmade locally, these totes are adorned with a selection of archival Steveston snaps. The iconic Cannery girls (admit it – you’ve posed with them at the site entrance) feature prominently.

A fitting souvenir of your day is the charming magnet duo. Scenes include the streets, boats and salmon of Steveston past, without the fishy smell. The vintage label says it best: “Historical Steveston for the discerning tourist and the proud native.”

Firefly Notes’ bags retail for $11.95 and magnet sets for $8.95 at the Cannery store.

Posted by websitedev
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