Cannery Store Feature: Webkinz

This is the super cute Webkinz lionfish that has been incessantly begging me to adopt him.

The Gulf of Georgia Cannery brought Webkinz into the store over the summer, and they have been flying off the shelves ever since. One might ask: what IS a Webkinz? I asked myself that same question when someone brought one up to the till for the first time. To me, it just looked like a regular, cute little stuffed animal. Boy was I surprised  when the child buying his own Webkinz informed me it was so much more than that! Welcome to the new stuffed animal – one that comes to life online! Once a  Webkinz has been puchased, the kids can go online and register their new toys, opening up a virtual world for their pets.

The store carries every animal imaginable from rhinoceros to fish. Explore a whole new online universe of stuffed animals with a child in your life by checking out Webkinz today!

Posted by websitedev
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