Cannery Store Feature: Wild & Wonderful Greeting Cards

“What’s for breakfast?”

These days, l like to tell myself that spring is in the air. Birds chirping in the morning, a few extra precious minutes of daylight after work, daffodils at the nursery…basically, I’ll take any sign I can get that winter is drawing to a close. Luckily, photographer Greg Raymond of In-Focus Wildlife Images seems to be on the same page. On a visit to the Cannery Store this week, Greg freshened up our card collection while regaling us with tales of his adventures on the job.

Behind the crisp shots of some of BC’s most stunning residents are the unique circumstances in which each image was captured. A personal favourite is “Cooper’s Hawk”. At first glance, it’s a beautiful shot of a majestic bird of prey. The back story: it was taken at the crack of dawn at Reifel’s Bird Sanctuary in Delta – and the subject of the portrait was obviously not an early riser. Looking deeply into its eyes is to see a mirror of the “What?” morning face that so many of us sport pre-caffeine. Grouchy? A little. Adorable? Completely!

Assorted In-Focus Wildlife Image cards retail for $4.95 at the Cannery Store.

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