Cannery Store Feature: Wind’s Charms

compressedchimesDo you know what a Steveston Hair Day is? I found out the other day – the hard way. You may recall the gorgeous sunny weather we had on Monday, accompanied by a wind that had the power to restyle anyone’s carefully coifed ‘do. I do – my locks actually defied gravity.

Some things in life are, however, improved with a fresh breeze. It works wonders on laundry, for example, and certainly gives you a boost if you’re walking with it. Most charmingly, it makes wind chimes work their musical magic.

Give it a whirl with Buckstone’s rustic chic metal fish chimes. Just remember, when you see them glinting elegantly on your patio and hear the tinkle of the chimes flowing in through the window, that it might by a good day for a hat.

Buckstone metal fish chimes retail for $14.95 at the Cannery Store.

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