Cannery Store Features: Murchie’s Tea

What better way is there to warm up during these oh-so-cold days than a hot cup of tea?  Murchie’s Tea is absolutely delicious and maintains a “tradition of excellence.”  Just like the Gulf of Georgia Cannery, Murchie’s began in 1894.  The founder, John Murchie, imported teas from some of the world’s finest gardens and sold them to his neighbours in New Westminster.  Taste the quality history develops.  Very cute tea cup tea pots sets are also available!

Flavours available in the Cannery Store (some in special collections or gift sets) include:

1894 Tea

Murchies Afternoon Blend

CBC Radio Blend

Library Blend

No. 10 Blend

No. 22 Blend

Blend 2000

Jasmine Blend

Waterfront Blend


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