Holiday Gift-Giving: Animal-themed stocking stuffers

Submitted by Larissa F, Heritage InterpreterĀ Ā 

Continuing on with ourĀ holiday giftĀ ideas from the Cannery Store, here are two animal-themed gift ideas, which would make awesome stocking stuffers.Ā Ā 

The first one is a set of whale butt magnets ā€“ yes, whale butt magnets. They exist. And they’re so fun to use. Each set comes with sixĀ magnets which are organisedĀ intoĀ pairs. The reason they’re in pairs is becauseĀ each pair makes up oneĀ whale ā€“ one magnet is the whale’s upper body and the other magnet is the whale’s rear end! This means that when you use the pair of magnets on a particular item, it looks like the whale is swimming in that item, withĀ its headĀ emerging at one end and its rear endĀ sticking out of the other (see photo above)! Within each set, you’ll find 3 types of whales:Ā the blue whale, the humpback whale and the narwhal.Ā Ā 

TheĀ second item is a set of four pencils that are made to look like woodland creatures. The package includes a moose pencil, a fox pencil, a grizzly bear pencil and a rabbit pencil.Ā What makes these pencils so cute is that each of them have little extensions on them to represent the animal that they’re made to look like. For instance, the moose pencil has antlers on its tip!Ā 

You can find these, and other fun items, at the Cannery Store, so be sure to stop by in the coming weeks and check it out!Ā 

Posted by m.horita
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