Holiday Gift-Giving: Educational Mugs


Submitted by: Larissa F, Heritage Interpreter

Looking to get a head start on Christmas shopping? Let us help! This blog post marks the beginning of a multi-post blog series (Holiday Gift-Giving) leading up to the holiday season, which will share a selection of some wonderful items that we have here at our gift shop to help you tackle that ever-challenging gift-giving shopping list!

So let’s get started!

Now, after reading the title, you may be wondering, how can a mug be educational? The answer: The “How To: Knots” mug! This super-fun microwave and dishwasher safe mug features a handle resembling a horn cleat which enables users to practice tying different types of knots onto it. The mug includes ropes, and the instructions for how to tie eight classic sailor knots are printed directly onto the mug, so whenever you’re waiting for your too-hot-to-drink coffee to cool down, you can learn to tie some knots! From the Tautline Hitch to the Sheet Bend and the Bowline, you can become an expert in knot-tying right in the comfort of your own seat. It’s the perfect gift for boating beginners and experts alike!

Posted by m.horita
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