Holiday Gift-Giving: Harmless Grizzly Bears!

Submitted by Larissa F, Heritage Interpreter  

Here’s another¬†unique gift idea from the Cannery Store,¬†to help you cross names off your holiday shopping list with a flourish.¬†¬†

This post’s feature item is¬†Kikkerland‘s¬†Zip & Flip Travel Pillow, a convertible travel pillow that looks like a grizzly bear when it’s packed away.¬†It’s very easy to use ‚Äď simply unzip the belly of the¬†bear, pull out the pillow, shake all the beads into place, stuff any extra fabric back into the¬†opening, zip it shut and then¬†voil√†¬†‚Äď you now have a super comfy neck pillow!¬†¬†

The outer grizzly bear-shaped shell isn’t just adorable; it also helps keep the pillow clean throughout your travels. Near the bear’s tail, you will also find a small plastic clip that allows you to attach the pillow onto other things, such as a backpack. This is a fun, yet very practical gift that is sure to¬†put a smile on the face of¬†any¬†travel enthusiast!¬†

Posted by m.horita
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