Holiday Gift-Giving: Special Storage for Travel Keepsakes

Submitted by: Larissa F., Heritage Interpreter 

Do you know someone who is going on vacation soon? Have you found a Christmas gift for them yet? If not, here’s a great gift idea: travel keepsake jars!

These little glass jars are a thoughtful gift for any traveler who loves collecting keepsakes from the destinations they visit. Each jar features a cork top and a beautiful sea-life-themed charm wrapped around the jar’s opening – you can choose from a fish, seashell, turtle or starfish. What makes these jars especially great for travels is that there’s a sticker on each of them that says “Date” and “Location” so that you can record the day and location where you found your keepsake!

The jars are small enough to make them easy to pack when you travel, and they’re great for storing things such as little seashells, pebbles, or even simply sand from the beach! They make for a beautiful decorative item for the tops of dressers and desks, and are the perfect way to commemorate special memories made during one’s travel adventures!

Posted by m.horita
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