Fancy feet – a great Christmas gift idea!

The Gulf of Georgia Cannery - Sock it to Me Socks

Submitted by Larissa, Volunteer

You’ve all seen them: feet decked out in something that makes you do a double-take – wackily-patterned socks paired with sandals. This combination, once a major fashion faux-pas, is now making its comeback and becoming the latest fashion trend. From professional athletes to runway models, there’s no shortage of people who have been seen sporting this look.

At the Cannery’s gift store, we’ve got the perfect item to help you join the fashion trend: Sock it to Me socks! You’ll look high-fashion
AND stay cozy in this chilly November weather — what could possibly be better? Choose from a variety of fun designs, zany patterns and eye-catching colours — who doesn’t love a pair of lobster-patterned socks?
These socks are sure to become the new statement piece in your wardrobe and they’ll be a great conversation starter at your next dinner party! Plus, Christmas is just around the corner and these socks definitely make for
fun and practical stocking stuffers. So come on, get your sock game on!

Posted by m.horita
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