New outdoor video projection lights up the Cannery

Those who enjoy evening walks along the Steveston dyke trail to Garry Point Park in Richmond may have noticed some extra movement recently, around the Cannery’s historic buildings. Starting last Friday, a new outdoor video projection of artist Ruth Beer’s Flow has been lighting up the eastern wall of the Cannery’s Oil Drum Storage Building, during the twilight hours.

The 4-minute film weaves images of salmon spawning in the Adams River, with footage recorded in northwest British Columbia, and mixed with archival images of salmon canneries. The video combines the movement and underwater environment of salmon, the transparent and reflective qualities of water, and the dynamic flow of rivers. The projection will continue into March, marking the final days of our feature exhibit, Trading Routes: Rivers, Fish and Oil, which ends on March 9th, 2016. We thank the Pacific Salmon Foundation and 365 Productions for their support in this video project.

Posted by m.horita
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