Cannery Under Construction: “Look up, look waaaaay up!”

Dryer shed
Can you spot the Seismic 2000 construction crew in this photo?

“Look up, look waaaaaay up!” is not a phrase solely reserved for the giant on that old CBC children’s television show, The Friendly Giant. I think it is an appropriate reference for the Cannery construction crew too.

A few weeks ago, I posted about how acrobatic the crew was in building their scaffolding way up in the rafters of the dryer shed. Well, they have far surpassed circus acrobats now! These days, they are not only working on the scaffolding they built way up high under the dryer shed roof, but they are working on scaffolding UPON the scaffolding they built way up high under the dryer shed roof. Just when I thought they couldn’t get any higher!

The width of the catwalk, to be mounted outside, above the peak of the dryer shed roof, is wider than the original one (which was removed a number of weeks go – see the blog about the catwalk). As a result, the wooden structure holding the roof in place, must be beefed up, so to speak, to tolerate the weight of the catwalk at new pressure points. In order to do so, the crew is adding a number of new horizontal support beams parallel to and in between the ones already in existence, underneath the roof of the dryer shed. So the next time you visit the Cannery’s herring reduction plant, take pause at the dryers and look up, look waaaaay up!

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