Cannery Under Construction: Who needs the circus?

dryershed scaffold

The Cannery is no jungle gym, but you would think the Seismic 2000 crew were flying squirrels the way they move around the space. Who needs the the circus, when you can come to the Cannery and watch these skillful men at work – it’s pretty amazing what they are capable of!  Using pulleys, harnesses, lifelines, ladders, their own strength and ability (not to mention guts), these men have proven their talents working high, high up in the Cannery rafters.

Two weeks ago, we showcased the work they were doing on the catwalk. Even though they are working inside now, their purpose remains the same, to create a new catwalk on the roof of the dryer shed. The past couple of weeks, they have been working inside to build a platform. The platform (featured above) will become the landing upon which they will work, to place beams on the underside of the roof. As the new catwalk will be wider than the old one, it will have new  pressure points. The new beams will act as support for the new catwalk structure. In other words, their job is to make sure that anyone dancing on that catwalk doesn’t end up through the roof – we aren’t all flying squirrels, after all!

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