Easter at the Cannery – in your own home!

Try these activities that the Easter Salmon has brought for the kids to do at home. Due to the temporary closure of the Cannery, the Easter at the Cannery event scheduled for April 10 to 12, 2020 has been cancelled. 

Easter Salmon Scavenger Hunt

This annual Scavenger Hunt inside the historic cannery is a special one. Kids look for ‘hidden’ coloured images of different stages of the Salmon Life Cycle, beginning with Eggs –> Alevin –> Fry –> Adult –> Spawner. As each stage progresses, the lower the number of pieces to find, just like the number of salmon in the wild at each stage of their life cycle. At the end of the hunt, collect the found pieces and exchange them for an Easter treat!

Download (PDF):  Easter Salmon Scavenger Hunt Activity


Easter Salmon Colouring Page

Colour your own version of our Easter at the Cannery poster. Email your creation here, or tag us on Twitter or Instagram with #EasterSalmon or @gogcannery and we’ll repost your creations (if your account is Private, we can’t see your photo, so please email us).

Download (PDF): Easter Colouring Sheet

More fun things to do:

Learn more about the Salmon life cycle with this cute video from Bobs and Lolo “Run Salmon Run”.  We usually read their book of the same name during Easter at the Cannery‘s story time.

See the Pacific Salmon Life Cycle poster, from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.







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