The Cannery A to Z

An online exhibit featuring archival and contemporary photos of BC’s West Coast fishing history.

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C is for Cannery.

Actually, it’s not. It may surprise you, but what “C” really stands for is a rainbow of social, economic, and cultural issues that rose to prominence in British Columbia when canning became a big business along the Fraser River. Chances are it relates to a question that came to mind during a canning line tour.

This exhibit is just that: a representation of those frequently asked questions – insightful questions that often arise out of curiosity while perusing another exhibit and risk being forgotten. Questions that may take a slight tangent from the topic at hand, but that connect the Cannery, and indeed Steveston, with the bigger picture.

Here are the answers to these questions, set to the tune of the alphabet. Enjoy them in order, starting with A, or feel free to dive straight into the middle with M. It’s elementary!

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