Dots & Dashes & Radio Waves: A look into 1940’s Wartime Communications

Olive Carroll (a Canadian HAM radio operator)

Submitted by M.Thompson, Programs & Exhibits Assistant

Did you know that radio communication is still the most reliable method of communication? After Hurricane Katrina knocked out local power, telephone lines, and cellphone towers in Louisiana in 2005, amateur radio operators stepped in to assist emergency crews to save lives by keeping the lines of communication open.

The Richmond Amateur Radio Club is a registered BC Society to promote the interests of Amateur Radio, assist in the provision of communication services in the event of an emergency, and provide communications for public service events as requested. They are dedicated enthusiasts with a station right in the Gulf of Georgia Cannery‚Äôs parking lot (call sign: VE7GOG), who have partnered¬†with our society to¬†bring yet another part of history to life in the public consciousness through our Life Hacks of the 1940’s series of programming.

During WWII, radio communication was essential for coordinating troop movements, keeping watch for enemy ships, and maintaining morale through such broadcasts as President Franklin Roosevelt’s fireside chats. Today, however, the knowledge of both spoken radio communication and Morse code is known only to those with the express desire to learn. To uncover this treasure, we’ve devised a new event!

On Saturday August 20th we will be hosting Dots + Dashes + Radio Waves: A Look into 1940’s Wartime Communications. On that day, the Richmond Amateur Radio Club will be sharing their valuable knowledge through demonstrations, but even more significantly, they will be engineering an opportunity for participants to communicate across the airwaves!

Come visit the Cannery between 1 and 3 pm on Saturday, August 20th to experience WWII-era communications technology firsthand, and even listen to a radio drama from the time (to kids who may not know, these were basically your great-grandparents’ TV shows). We look forward to seeing you!

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