Lion Dance to open this weekend’s Pull of the Net celebration!

The Lion Dance has been a longstanding Chinese custom and are believed to bring good luck and ward-off evil spirits. You may have seen lion dances swaying in shimmering fabrics and performing acrobatic-like movements during Chinese New Year celebrations, but lion dances are also common to bless special occasions like the opening of a new exhibit like ours – The Pull of the Net: Commercial Fishing in Canada this Saturday May 6th!

This weekend on Saturday May 6th, we are excited to have the Northern Shaolin Traditional Martial Arts club open The Pull of the Net: A Multicultural Celebration event in front of the Gulf of Georgia Cannery entrance at 11:00 am, proceeding inside the museum to finish the performance on stage.

Don’t forget to stay and catch the other performances, demos and activities that will happen throughout the day from 11am to 4pm. Admission to this event is FREE, and fun for all ages!

Posted by m.horita
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