Behind the Cannery – Princess Colleen

Heritage Interpreter Pam takes us ‘behind the Cannery’ to showcase some of the fishing vessels that we can see docked in Steveston harbour from our south-facing viewing deck. Come to the Cannery this summer and see for yourself the variety of fishing boats that can be found in Canada’s largest commercial fishing harbour. 

Today’s view from behind the Cannery is of the Princess Colleen, one of Steveston harbour’s many purse seiners. This vessel was built in 1975 in Delta by Frostad Boat Works and is still an active fishing vessel today.

Can you spot the little metal skiff resting on it’s deck? Skiffs are a great clue to look for when identifying seiners! The skiff holds one end of the large seine net steady while the boat circles the rest of the net around a school of fish. This fishing method is perfect for catching salmon, herring or sardines.

Posted by m.horita
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