Behind the Cannery – Wendy Seaa

Submitted by Heritage Interpreter Pam D.

Notice the long poles rising high above this fishing vessel? These polls are a tell-tale sign that today’s view is of a troller. Unlike seiners and gillnetters, trollers like the Wendy Seaa don’t use nets at all. The poles extend out and drop lines of baited hooks down into the water to catch albacore tuna near the surface.

The Wendy Seaa, built in 1964, is part of a family-owned fleet of fishing vessels that have been fishing albacore tuna for over 50 years. Albacore tuna caught on the Wendy Seaa is hand-packed and canned in Nanaimo’s St. Jean’s Cannery, the only cannery in operation in BC!

Next time you visit the Cannery, look out at Steveston harbour to see if you can spot any more trollers like this one.

Posted by m.horita
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