My Favourite Thing – Saying Good Morning to the Fraser River

Submitted by Larissa F., Heritage Interpreter

Every morning when I open the museum, I’m always eager to see what awaits me behind the wooden sliding door of the Cannery’s receiving floor – How many boats will there be? How high will the tide be? Will the mountains be hidden behind the clouds?

The receiving floor of the Cannery is my favourite part of this historic building, because whenever I look out from the dock, there’s so much beauty to take in. In the morning, it’s typically a quiet, serene environment, with the calm waters reflecting the sky and gently lapping up against the moored boats. By the afternoon, however, the village will have come alive with the distant voices of people walking towards the boats to buy seafood, or the smell of fish and chips wafting from wooden picnic tables. When evening starts to set in, I’m sometimes lucky enough to be treated to a view of the harbour against the cotton-candy backdrop of a sunset. Even on rainy days, there is still something special about the way that it turns the village into a quiet environment, where the only sounds you hear are the raindrops falling into the Fraser River and the shrill call of the seagulls.

There is truly no shortage of beautiful sights to see in this lovely little fishing village, and I feel very fortunate to be able to experience it all right from my workplace!

Posted by m.horita
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