A Cannery staff adventure with Steveston Ecotours

Cannery staff with Steveston Ecotours on a tour of the waterfront

At the start of every tourist season, we go on a staff adventure that enhances our knowledge of Steveston, canneries, or the fishing industry. This year Bruce Livingston, the director of Steveston Ecotours offered us a tour of Steveston’s waterfront. Most of the Cannery staff have spent time interpreting from the docks and looking on to the fishing boats from the dykes, but on this ecotour, we were fortunate to see the waterfront from a boat, which for many of us, was a first. Boy, how different it looks from the water! We were able to see under the docks, learn more about the heritage sites along the waterfront, get up close to fishing boats of all kinds (even some vintage whalers) and learn about the adjacent wildlife on Shady Island. All in all, it was a fun, interesting and educational experience!

Bruce Livingston customized the tour for the Cannery staff, but Steveston Ecotours can cater their tours to you and your group. They will take you to see wildlife, heritage sites, homesteads, and more along the Fraser or on the coastal waters. Learn more about what they may be able to offer you.

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