Captain Kirk to Beam in for Wild Salmon

When NDP MLA Fin Donnelly holds a press conference today for his private member’s bill, which would see all fish farms forced to move to closed containment systems, he will have a very special guest “beamed” in by phone. That’s right, it’s none other than Canada native William Shatner, who played Captain Kirk on the original Star Trek series.

Kirk – er, Shatner – is an avid angler, so when Donnelly called him to ask for his support, Shatner was reportedly “happy to help.” Moreover, according to an article in the Globe and Mail,

Mr. Shatner apparently filmed an episode of Boston Legal on the tip of Vancouver Island that was all about salmon farms and the demise of the west-coast stocks. He began working with some of the B.C. activists and has written to the Prime Minister about it. […read full article here]

Commentors on the Globe and Mail’s online article seemed less interested in the news and more interested in arguing about appropriate Trekkie metaphors: the ruling Conservatives are portrayed as everything from Klingons to Ferengi to Cardasians to Borgs, while a poster identified as “Careful Reader” suggested that: “Well, if his petition doesn’t work, he can always travel to the future and repopulate BC’s rivers with salmon… he already did it once with humpback whales, right?”

What remains to be seen is how this affects the bid to have Shatner named the next Governor General – something he himself questioned via twitter: “Would they accept me if I campaign for salmons’ rights?”

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