“Fashion or Fish Bait?”

Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler has them, Rosanne Barr has them, are you going to get them too?

Chicken feathers that are otherwise used for fishing lures have suddenly become the latest fad in hair styling. This new type of hair extension has fishermen across America up in arms, as the supply of chicken feathers used to make fly fishing lures has suddenly become a back ordered item. The suppliers cannot keep them stocked, and the reason is due to the latest fashion trend.

Referred to as featherlock, to have one of these pink, blue, yellow, or striped lure feathers added as an extension onto one’s hair can cost approximately $15 each. Even with shampooing, curling and straightening, they can last in place for as long as 2 to 3 months. [Read full article].

Rush to  your local marine shop and get your fashion accessories today!

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