Freshening up the Fish

Freshly painted fish drying in the sun
Finished product – shiny fish in the Cannery’s fish bin

The Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site has recently re-opened its doors to visitors – a lot of work went into the planning and preparation of the site before we opened again on July 13, 2020. Many programs and exhibits have been adjusted to allow for better physical distancing and the safety of our staff and visitors. In late June and early July, the Cannery Crew returned to prepare for and get acclimated to working together again on site. This included a major clean-up of our spaces and exhibits, some of which has been shared already over our social media channels.

Here is a behind-the-scenes look at one of the major projects that involved many of our interpreters and staff  – the re-painting and repair of the salmon models that make up the Cannery’s fish bins in the receiving floor area at the start of the canning line exhibit. We took advantage of the sunny summer days to lay out the fish and give them some a fresh coat of silver and grey paint. With the many fish lined up on a blue tarp in the compound behind the Cannery, we attracted many curious seagulls and human onlookers to see what was going on!

To prepare for a visit to the Cannery, please see more details on our website here. 

Archival image of salmon in fish bins in a west coast cannery (CFC-3-11-5 date and place unknown).



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