Historic Places Day Selfie Contest – closes soon!

July 31st is the final day to enter your selfies in the National Trust of Canada’s #HistoricPlacesDay selfie contest. So we’re back with a few more recommended selfie spots that visitors can find when visiting the Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site.

Fishermen on a Rivers Inlet skiff greet our visitors as soon as they enter the museum. This skiff is a flat-bottomed fishing boat commonly used on the West Coast at the time the Cannery was built. The fishermen in this photo are pulling in a gill net, a net that hangs like a curtain in the water to catch fish by their gills. Fishermen could be out fishing on these skiffs anywhere from a few hours to a few days and would return knee deep in fish!
A huge can of salmon from our feature exhibit “The Label Unwrapped”. In the canning industry, cans of salmon which contained the same type of salmon and ingredients, and which were processed in the same cannery, were often wrapped with different labels. These different labels were dependent on who the can was being sold by, as well as who it was being sold to.” The Label Unwrapped” explores the creative ways companies have used labels across the West Coast to attract a targeted audience.
A backdrop of fishing boats docked right off our back deck. This is the “former” front door of the Cannery, where the fish would have been brought in to start their journey along the canning line. This is a perfect view of Steveston Harbour, the largest small craft commercial fishing harbour in Canada. Most of the boats pictured here on the water are fishing boats, as fishing is still a major part of the economy and culture here in Steveston.
The Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site is built on wooden pilings right over the Fraser River. This was designed so that fishing boats could pull up to the docks and unload their catch even when the tides were at their lowest.

A reminder this is your last week to participate in this contest for a chance to win 1000$ for you as well as the site you visit. For full details, visit the National Trust of Canada’s Historic Places Day selfie contest website. If your photos are of the Cannery, please tag us @gogcannery. We look forward to seeing your selfies!

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