May your long weekend be full of fish, fresh food, and football!

This weekend, the Cannery will be celebrating both the Chinese Lunar New Year and BC Family Day weekend with a fun, fishy craft activity for the kids. And what should be most appealing to families planning out their long weekend — Admission will be free on Sunday Feb. 7th, for our indoor Cannery Farmers’ Market; and free for Kids under 16 years on Monday Feb. 8th, for BC Family Day!

Our indoor winter market takes place every other Sunday from 10am to 3pm. This weekend you can check out local vendors and community groups such as: Campbell’s Gold Honey, Gesundheit Bakery, Sweetness Squared, Rain City Juicery, the Master Gardeners Association of BC and much, much more… and still have enough to watch the Super Bowl (if that’s your thing)!

Now, as for why we’re offering ‘fishy crafts’ for kids to enjoy on Sunday and Monday, it’s not just because we’re a cannery — did you know that it is a common tradition to eat fish during the Chinese Lunar New Year? This is because of the saying “Nian Nian You Yu (年年有餘)”, which means “to have plenty, year after year”. The last word “Yu”, for “plenty”, is pronounced the same as the Chinese word for fish! Therefore, in order to encourage prosperity, fish is eaten during the Lunar New Year celebration.

For another blog about the significance of fish during the Chinese New Year, visit the Vancouver Aquarium’s Aquablog.

Posted by m.horita
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