Day-glo GMO – glow in the dark fish

Zebra fish genetically modified into fluorescent colours.

The newest genetically modified organism (GMO) on the market is a glowing zebra fish. The unaltered version of this common aquarium fish is sold in pet shops worldwide. These altered fish (above photo) have been modified with coral and jellyfish genes to make them glow in fluorescent colours. One could imagine how these brightly coloured fish would be attractive to kids, hobbyists, and adults alike!

As exciting as these rainbow-bright fish might be, there is some concern about the consequences should the fish get into the wrong hands. There are no guarantees what will happen to the fish once they have reached the consumer. Technically, they are patented, so legally they cannot be bred, but there are no assurances.

What do you think of this newest GMO? Would you buy it for your aquariums?

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