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This summer, Digitization Assistants Jenna and Dorian, along with Collections Manager Heidi, were hard at work getting our photo collection ready to go online. Now, there are 5,455 photos waiting to go public for the first time ever, and we are hoping to have them up in Winter 2010. You can keep an eye out for more details here.

And now, for our last Photo of the Week.


Mystery Seiner

Taken sometime in the 1950s, this photograph shows three orcas (killer whales) trapped in a salmon net. The boat in this picture is an unidentified table seiner, which has accidentally made a circle set around the whales. In order to release the orcas, fishermen would often be forced to cut through their nets, which were (and still are) very expensive pieces of equipment. Can you help us identify this table seiner? Part of the Fisheries Council of British Columbia (FCBC) fonds, this black and white photograph measures 3 X 5 inches.

If you know what seiner this is, or where the photo was taken, please either post a comment or email Karen.

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