Introducing Salmon Leather, Part I

Salmon is most commonly used in our society as an aliment, and is frequently seen on the market and found in the form of: cans, fillets, steaks, lox, smoked varieties, roe and skin in sushi, and less commonly, heads – for stock.  Over recent years however, manufacturers have been thinking beyond this culinary box,  and are using the skin of  salmon as a form of leather. As a leather material, it is considered to be: easy to dye and tan, and stronger and more flexible than land leathers, not to mention the appealing textures and natural patterns of the salmon skin itself (bearing a similar resemblance to that of snake skin). Companies around the world, including local ones, have been using salmon leather for the creation of clothing, clothing accents, purses, wallets, shoes, belts, jewellery, iPhone covers and other accessories, furnishings, and housing decor. Often discarded by the salmon industry, salvaging the skin for use as a form of leather, is an eco-friendly way of re-purposing it.

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