Ships to Shore – Tall Ships Sail to Garry Point Park


Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Gulf of Georgia Cannery, at Garry Point Park, Ships to Shore will take place as a part of this year’s Maritime Festival. On June 3rd to 6th, four of the most renowned North American tall ships will be docked at the Point.

Visitors are invited to tour the boats, watch re-enacted battle scenes, sail on the schooners, and to learn more about how these large sail boats were used during their time. Four ships will be featured, two schooners: the Zodiac and the Adventuress, a merchant sloop, Lady Washington, and a clipper ship, Hawaiian Chieftain. (It is possible you have seen Lady Washington before, as she has been featured in films like Pirates of the Caribbean 3.)

The event will also feature Reel to Wheel movie screenings of Peter Pan, staged entertainment, and more. Synonymous to this, the Steveston Summer Farmers’ and Artisans’ Market will take place in front of the Cannery, on Saturday and Sunday, from 10am until 4pm. Free entry will also be offered to visitors to the Britiannia Heritage Shipyards.

 To learn more about the ships and scheduled events refer to City of Richmond News.

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