Smelly Hands, Begone!


Submitted by Larissa, Volunteer

Anyone who has ever set foot in the kitchen knows that garlic, onions and fish leave a nasty, lingering odour on your hands when you cook with them, but fear not, there is a solution for this!

Here at the Cannery’s gift store, we carry Kikkerland®’s Fish Magic Soap, which is essentially a cute, fish-shaped piece of stainless steel that works as a “soap”. How can stainless steel be a soap, you ask? It’s science! Although the Fish Magic Soap will not create shiny, mesmerizing suds like your conventional soap, its stainless steel composition will bind the sulfur compounds found in stinky garlic, onions and fish, thus removing the unpleasant odours from your hands.

Not a science fan? Not to worry! The only thing you need to understand about this product is that it will enable you to cook without ending up with smelly hands. At the same time, it also doubles as a fun, decorative piece to place beside your other soaps at the kitchen sink! Consider this product if you’re gift-shopping for the chef in either your family or your group of friends and you know they already own every single pot, wooden spoon, and kitchen gadget available on the market!

Posted by m.horita
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