Spring Break and Easter at the Cannery

Easter PosterThe Cannery has a number of exciting events in store for Spring Break and Easter 2013!

Spring Break

Titanium Chef:

Have you ever heard of the classic TV show The Iron Chef? Come by the Cannery to experience something similar.

The Cannery’s Titanium Chef needs your help! As he only has a few minutes to create a dish, can he be trusted to make the right choices? He needs YOU, the audience, to help him select the right sustainable seafood options!

Join the Titanium Chef

  • on the following dates: Mondays to Fridays, March 18th to 22nd & March 25th to 29th
  • at the following times: 11:30am and 2:30pm each day.
  • your show could feature: tuna, salmon, or shrimp

The Titanium Chef skits are very family friendly and are a gut-bursting good time!

Knot Making:

Learn how to make knots! Knots were necessary for all seafarers, whether it be to make fishing nets or for securing a boat. Come to the Cannery and try:

  • Different kinds of knot making.
  • Learning how to use a net needle and mend a net.
  • Create your very own survival bracelet out of a series of knots.

Easter at the Cannery:

The Cannery is hosting its annual Easter Scavenger Hunt on March 30th from 10am to 5pm.

  • Have fun hunting for eggs while  learning about Fishing on the West Coast.
  • Enjoy Easter themed arts, crafts and activities.
  • Enter our annual prize draw for a chance to win a chocolate Easter bunny.
  • Last but not least, meet the Easter Salmon!
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